Everest Sondaj Mühendislik Ind. Co. Ltd.

Inclined Drilling

It offers vertical and inclined core training in international (Jorc) standards.

With our hydraulic and mechanical crawler industrial core drilling machine designed for use, the hard working core mine and ground survey all over Turkey is in service.

Our locally-made Tel-Line machine can be designed to have a very high level of operation, long-lasting and technical features and personalized equipment according to its lifetime.

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About US

Our company entered the drilling and mining sector in 2016; It was established to provide professional, high quality, economic, innovative and transparent service to the sector with more than 10 years of operational experience and experience gained over many years, as well as to meet the sector’s search for alternatives and add innovation.

About Us

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Everest Sondaj Mühendislik  Ind. Co. Ltd.